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About us

The real "valore aggiunto"
is our care for our customers

A real estate agency that values your dreams

Valore Aggiunto is more than just a real estate agency.

Valore Aggiunto means service, solutions, transparency, experience and trust. We are your best partner to chose the house you have always been dreaming of. Work with us to build today profitable and strong investments for your future.


Valore Aggiunto is the safe guide who will lead into an important moment of your life, helping you chosing the best financial opportunities, sheltering you from any kind of surprises and leading you with loyalty to the desired goa.

Thanks to an effective network of contacts and knowledge on the territory, Valore Aggiunto is a leader in offering luxury real estate solutions in Como and its province, on Lake Como and in other exclusive areas of Italy.

With professionalism and seriousness we will be happy to provide one of our consultants for each of our customers. Please contact us.

Real Estate Brokerage and Consulting

  • Real estate brokerage
    For Rent
  • Evaluations and appraisals
  • Market surveys
  • Advertising
    Online on our website and on the main real estate portals
    Paper through signs and trade magazines
  • Business management of construction sites
  • Consulting for real estate transactions
  • Italian / English contractual assistance
  • Consulting with professionals for:
    Tax advice
    Financial advice
    Notary advice
    Legal advice
    Technical consultancy
    Design consultancy
  • Photographic services
    Also with drone